Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Alley Bar

A year or two ago the Lincoln City Council outlawed smoking in
public establishments - including bars. Many bar owners figured
that if the smokers could not light up at their establishments they
would go out of business. However, owners (and their architects)
have been very creative in designing outdoor smoking areas that meet
the law as regards to percentage of open exterior wall, air exchanges, etc.
One enterprising bar owner even provided a bus complete with tables
and chairs in the parking lot to accomodate the smokers. The Alley has
a very nice oudoor deck/verandah that provides a nice ambient area for
their patrons - smokers and non-smokers.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Farmers Market

The Lincoln farmers Market runs from mid-May thru mid-October and is always
a big hit with people of all ages. Usually I make the rounds of the various merchants,
buy some muffins and retreat to the dock of The Mill to drink my coffee and eat the muffins
as I observe the passage of humanity on parade. The Market is especially busy when the
University of Nebraska Cornhuskers have a home game.

One of the stalls at the Market. Gourds and garlic; garlic is
someting that I use frequently but gourds....???

Musicians are always present at the Market - the Classical and the offbeat.