Monday, August 17, 2009

A Sunday Drive in the Country

Yesterday my wife and I decided to visit several open studios that were taking part in the Leicester (pronounced Lester) Studio Tour. Leicester is located in Buncombe County in western North Carolina and about 10 - 20 miles from Asheville. These studios are located in the residences of artists and run the gamut from pottery to jewelry, metalwork and "regular" oil/watercolour artwork.

Due to the distances between the various studios (and the late hour we started the tour) we only visited three studios and a Bed and Breakfast that had an example of each artist's work. The picture above was taken from the deck of the B & B.

Standing there on the deck and looking across the valley I was reminded of the countryside in Jamaica. With a little imagination it could be taken between Browns Town and Alexandria if you forget about the missing stone walls that run alongside the road and between the different properties. The B & B would be the "great house" on top of the hill. The owners even had goats grazing on the hillside! Ah, the thoughts of an expat....

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