Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fort DeSoto Park

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Fort DeSoto Park at the tip of Pinellas County, Florida while visiting relatives in St Petersburg. With an area of over 1,100 acres it is the largest park in Pinellas County and has camping, historical attractions and great beaches scattered over five interconected islands. See the following link for more

Florida was not immune to the recent cold weather with overnight lows in the St Pete area dipping below freezing. This cold weather had a drastic effect on the marine life and the beach was scattered with dead fish. This one looked like it was still alive and just sunning itself on the sand but it was truly dead.

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Andrea said...

I live here, and I noticed as well. I never knew we had so many Cowfish and Porcupine fish in the area! But I did wonder what might have happened... I never thought of the cold. Good thought. Definitely reminded me of why I moved down here...! :o)