Sunday, September 20, 2009

Heritage Weekend

Bark baskets, spinning, woodcarving, weaving, chair making, clogging, bluegrass music and much more. Heritage Weekend was the activity this weekend at the Folk Art Center located on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville. Folk art is being kept alive by some very dedicated artists and several of these folk artists were on hand to demonstrate their art. The Folk Art Center has a very good display of regional artists; see more at
This artist makes about 8 chairs per year and no two are alike. The wood determines the "look" of each chair and artist Jim McGie incorporates antlers in some of his creations. I sat in this rocker and it was very comfortable. See for more of his chairs.

Tom Gow, Pine Hill Studio, will take a piece of wood and transform it into a cabin, tree or lighthouse. He does not change the essential shape of the wood but transforms it into something that shows its original configuration, always leaving part of the bark to show where it came from.

Brooms of every shape and size. Here some young-uns are learning the art of how to make a broom.

Do you have an apple tree but haven't a clue as to the variety of apple? Tom Brown can help you identify that apple; check him out at

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