Sunday, September 6, 2009

LAAFF (Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival)

LAAFF is a local festival that is held on Lexington Avenue in Asheville every year. Except for three paid positions it is organized and run by volunteers and serves as an example to other cities of what can be done if you live amongst really talented people. This trio of musicians are VERY good and often perform on the sidewalk on Friday nights in the downtown area.
Many people dress up for the festival and it's a gas to see the different "costumes." Here big hoop lady holds court on the sidewalk.

Not to be outdone this chap is nattily attired in striped green socks, a white skirt and a red bolero-ish jacket topped with a hat.

The dancing girls were very good and the crowd was most appreciative....

Not quite sure what this fellow was looking for with his music- making megafone but I offered up my sandal shod foot for inspection and it seemed to satisfy his quest.

Mr Tiki man from the rear with his two female companions. A most enjoyable Sunday afternoon; I will definitely have to dress up for the affair next year.

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